School of Leadership: Liverpool One Church

What is School of Leadership?

Liverpool One Churches’ School Of Leadership is designed for people who want to be trained in ministry leadership. Led by Pastors Luke & Emma Bryant, this course will equip and empower you to operate at a high capacity in church ministry as well as developing your skills for the market place.

Our prayer for you as we approach the start of the course is that you would come with an open heart and a teachable spirit and allow God to speak to you and grow you as a follower of Christ. We’re so glad that you are going to be part of the journey!

Your friends,

Luke & Emma

Is School of Leadership right for me?

Do you have:

  • A genuine pursuit of a Christ-centered life?

  • A willingness to remain a life long learner?

  • A with teachable spirit?

  • Are you willing to make any space that you step into better?

If so then School Of Leadership is for you!

School Of Leadership will run as a 6 week course that will run consecutively. Each course will have a limited number of available spaces to keep class sizes small to encourage healthy and open leadership conversations.

Are you ready to enrol?

If you're ready to take the next steps in your leadership journey, then click below here to begin your enrolment for the course.