What can I expect?

Powerhouse is for everyone between the ages of 3-10. Every Sunday we get together for our very own kids church which is heaps of fun and designed to give all of our children the best hour of their week!

Not only will your children have fun, but they will also be trained and empowered to put into practice everything they learn on Sundays.


In Powerhouse, your children’s safety and security is our top priority. When you arrive at check in, your children will receive a Powerhouse wristband, each with a unique barcode on it, which the team will then scan and register to your child. They will then be checked in to Powerhouse until that barcode is scanned again when you are leaving.

In addition to that, a simple scan of the barcode will show any allergies and medication information you have informed the team about, as well as the picture of the parent / guardian who is allowed to take the child out of Powerhouse. The photo of both the adult and the child is shown on a screen to the team to verify. If you have any questions or would like any more information about the system, please speak to a member of the Powerhouse team in the blue t-shirts on Sunday.

At Liverpool One Church,¬†families are of the highest priority to us and that’s why we are building a Church that the whole family can enjoy.

We aim to give children the best hour in their week while teaching and empowering them to put into practice everything they learn on a Sunday.


If you are new to Liverpool One Church and have children, or perhaps your children are visiting us for the first time we’ll make sure they are safe, happy and enjoy every minute of Church just as much as you.

Each Sunday you will be required to check in your child at the Powerhouse Station before Church where you will find our team in blue t-shirts that will be more than happy to assist you.

Will and Robyn

Powerhouse Leaders