Brave Heart is a gathering of women seeking to live out their best life.

A gathering of women seeking to live out their best life.

What is Brave Heart?

After fighting a life-threatening illness, Pastor Emma’s heart was awakened to the realisation that life is precious. We are not living out a dress rehearsal for the real thing, this is the real thing and every day you awaken is gift of time given to you, to use wisely.

Every single woman has a lane to run in, to thrive in, and when you find your lane, you find your purpose and when you discover your purpose you truly come alive!

Emma has always been passionate about helping women see their strength, dignity and true worth through the eyes of God. She felt compelled to establish the Braveheart gathering for all ages and stages of womanhood, to have fun together, build community and to ultimately create space for women to encounter Jesus.

In this envioroment, friends are made, purpose is found, and hearts are healed,

These events are free of charge to make it super easy for you to invite the girls in your world. At every Braveheart we party, we pray, we laugh, we cry but the best part is, we’re there together. So, what are you waiting for girlfriend? Your best days are ahead of you.

Come and discover the beautiful truth about yourself and the God who knows and loves.

There is a seat reserved for you.


We have our next Brave Heart happening on Friday the 23rd September - 7PM. Come join us, invite your girls and get ready for what will be an awesome night!